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Ohh the DMV. Non-stop thrills, amiright?

After today, I will officially have my married name on all important documents. It’s a little crazy.

Actually, what’s crazy is how not weird it is. I guess I’ve always planned on changing my last name when/if I got married. No offense to the old name, it just never felt like me. (Whatever that means…)

Not that my new name is super “me” or anything. It just has a lot more emotional attachment. Two people uniting as one flesh and all that. I like that Joey and I are a family in every way now. (Not that you need the same last name to be family. Heck, two of my brothers had a different last names from my old name. And now I have a different name from all of them. I’m speaking in a symbolic sense, I guess.)

The point is, it took me a really short amount of time to become comfortable with getting called by a new name. In fact, last night someone accidentally called me by the old one and I actually had this moment of, “oh yeahhh, they used to call me that!”

In short, it really just isn’t me anymore at all.

And now I’m getting my new license, and later I’m mailing away for my new passport. It’s a little weird to poof be someone new, but I’m excited too.

Plus, that old license picture really needed to die.

Ok, yet again, I hate to even gratify that “tropical storm” with a post after all the trouble it has caused, but I’m just going to get this out of my system and then we’ll never talk about it again.

First of all, I get it. I get why we freak out and give people the worst case scenario and then freak out some more. It’s supposed to be in the interest of the people. We freak so they are warned and perform the corresponding defensive action.

But if I can “get real” with you all, I think we can all agree that even though “warning the masses” is a helpful side effect of the excessive news coverage and widespread exaggeration of the elements, that is not why it happens.

Ratings. Increased viewers. In short, money. Sorry to get all jaded on you, but the reason you’re watching a montage of the destruction of past New York hurricanes is not because they want you to learn. It’s because people will watch images of destruction. And you watching equals more money for them. Plain and simple.

Ok, now that I have gotten that out of the way, let me preface the next tier of my argument with, I know that some people were severely affected, even in New York. A few people died. (Though I have to call shenanigans on blaming the person who died of a heart attack on the hurricane. Unless he died because the wind startled him so dern much, I think that probably had more to do with his lifestyle.) I also understand that it’s stupid to complain that not enough bad things happened.

But seriously? A few people lost power. A couple of trees lost big branches. The basement of our apartment building flooded a little. But that’s really about it for the oh-so-doomed Long Island. Heck, my train was running when I woke up this morning. (Emphasis on the was…more on that later.) Do you know how easy it is to get a LIRR train at the very least delayed? And this storm (because I will not signify it with the word “hurricane”) couldn’t even accomplish that.

Which brings me to the final tier of my argument. I was going to go all middle school and whine about just how useless a weekend storm is. It’s like a blizzard on Friday night. They’re going to clear the streets in time for school on Monday, but it’s still going to cancel Kimberly’s sleepover on Saturday that you’ve been really looking forward to, mom!!

When I woke up this morning, about six train lines were clear and running. The rest were not. Guess which category my train line was?

But that’s not even the worst part.

So I did the right thing: I dragged myself from bed. I got ready. I slugged some coffee. And I got on my train, which was actually exactly on time.

We went one stop.

Let me repeat, I rode the train for ONE STOP before we were “delayed indefinitely” due to signal troubles at the next station.

One. Uno. Une. Less than two yet slightly more than zero.

I may have done enough heavy breathing and “are you kidding me” eyes to be considered excessive.

Which brings me to the present. The part where I’m standing at Massapequa station (in the sunshine) waiting for my husband to come rescue me.

I shouldn’t be complaining — I get to stay home, right? And if it hadn’t happened in the most inconvenient, roundabout way, I wouldn’t be complaining.

But the fact is, it’s still beyond irritating. And as much as I can rationalize why I shouldn’t be that irritated, I am. And it’s my blog, so I can rant if I want to.

Whine, whine, whine.

Ok, I’m officially done. Now of you’ll excuse me, I’ll be working from home for the rest of the day. Enjoy the gorgeous weather…grumble grumble…

I almost hate to even bring it up because there are already so many people freaking out (see also: my lack of mentioning a certain earthquake), but apparently we’re supposed to have a hurricane this weekend.

My real question is: Am I being super naive by not freaking out? Because I’m just not. And as far as I can tell, no one around me is freaking out either. (By “around,” I mean the people literally in my vicinity and whom I talk to. I know there are people in New York as a whole who are frantic.)

I mean, no one is boarding up windows or piling up their cars to get out of town. The most anyone has done is stock up on groceries and bottled water. (Which we did…but more just to feel involved.)

Part of the problem could be that I don’t watch TV. Any news I get is from online sources, and until has a giant “GET OUT OF DODGE, KIDDIES!” headline on the homepage, I’m probably going to continue business as usual.

***Edit: Ohhhh, Irony. Turns out the homepage of is quite similar to that this morning (which I checked about an hour after writing this post…). But for realz, still not sure if I should be fleeing??

Yesterday, my cousin texted me and asked if we were evacuating. I was literally sitting at my desk at work eating my second breakfast. My first thought: “Umm…would that be a good idea?”

I guess I put a lot of faith in the fact that if my life was in danger, more people around me would let me know. That either makes me incredibly self-centered or incredibly useless. Maybe both.

But seriously. As I type this, I’m sitting on the train with the same people I commute with every day. Unless everyone plans on sprinting from the East Coast the second they get out of work today, I feel like I’m not the only one carrying on like this is any other weekend. Albeit one where we will get a lot of rain. But that’s not exactly newsworthy this summer.

I guess what I’m saying is, if I’m missing something, could someone let le know? Because otherwise I just plan on spending the weekend hunkered down with the hubster fixing up the apartment and saying thing like, “Yup, still rainin’.”

You guys. I’m so excited.

Here’s a hint why:

Here’s another one:

Ok, last hint:

WE’RE GOING TO ICELAND! (Yes, I know anyone who follows me on Twitter already knows. I’m my own spoiler.)

But seriously, I can’t wait. Joey and I are going in February with one of my biffles to the max, Jessica, and her husband, Mikey (who we also love).

We used a deal on Travelzoo (can I just tell you how many I times I have to hold myself back from buying 10-day guided tours of India and other crazy places on there?). I, for one, and happy just to finally get to actually do one of those tempting tours. (Get alliteration’d.)

OUR tour is four days (well, technically three), but the most exciting day is Saturday, when we’re going on an all-day glacier tour to see the Northern Lights (!!!). Dream. Come. True.

There is also, apparently, a free lobster soup dinner. I guess it’s a local thing. They literally mention it on every page when you’re booking the trip. So this better be some bomb-diggity soup. (Travel makes me use outdated phrases?)

We embark on February 16th, so I have some time to get (even more) psyched up. Plus, you know, find one of those hats.

Eh heh…hey, guys. I swear that decor post is on it’s way. I’m just waiting until we get a couple more things hung up. Maybe THIS Thursday. Sowwy.

But this isn’t an apology post. (It’s just a post WITH an apology.) The real purpose is to share my weekend.

My two cousins visited from Ohio. Naturally, I wanted to plan as many things to do that they can’t do in Ohio as possible.

It’s fun being a tourist in your own area now and then. We spent all day Friday in the city. Shopping in SoHo, a trip to Central Park, a stroll through Times Square, and a Thai dinner in Union Square were all on the docket for the day.

{Central Park}


Saturday was beach day. (Midwesterners have this cute habit of calling the shores of lakes “beaches.” Sillies.) After some sun and actual ocean, we headed home to clean up and then went to a party at our friends’ house.

Good times were had by all, and I got to re-experience some of my favorite parts of the city (they’re all in Central Park, though the Thai place is one of my favorite restaurants). They kept calling me out for how many times I would say, “Oh, I love this place!”

{Times Square}


Well, I do love it. And when I’m caught up in the bustle of wake-up-get-to-work-go-home, I forget to spend enough time around my favorite places.

{Bethesda Fountain – My ACTUAL Favorite Place}


So thank you, my lovely cousins, for letting me play tourist for a while. You were perfect guests, and we can’t wait to have you back again!



My days off are my most productive. Yesterday I:

1. Ran four miles
2. Went to Goodwill
3. Grocery shopped
4. Did laundry
5. Made dinner
6. Picked up and dropped off my husband at work
7. Went to the gym
8. Picked up around the apartment

Basically, I’m awesome.

What I haven’t done? Written a better post.

Welp, there’s always tomorrow.