You know how I keep mentioning the fact that I’m going to Chicago in April? It’s for my bestie Annie. She’s getting married in September, so we’re having an all-around girls’ weekend for her in April to kick off the wedding festivities.

Besides some tapas-eating, trolley-riding, and piano-bar-hopping the night before, phase two of the weekend is a little shower in Annie’s honor so her friends that won’t be able to make any parties in Annie’s (and my) hometown can still have a chance to celebrate.

I’ve sort of taken the reigns in planning the weekend. (What? I’m a control freak? Moving on.) So now that all the plans are set and booked, it’s time to move on to the natural next pressing question:

What the heck do I wear?

I’ve got the party outfit planned. I’ve got a blue dress (from Old Navy of all places) that I’ve only worn a couple of times before (and never in front of this particular crowd). Boom.

For the shower, however, I’m less certain. Which is why I’ve slapped together a little mood board to help me help you help me make my decision. (WRAP YOUR BRAIN AROUND THAT.)

Here are the two options I’m considering:

Sources: 1. Forever 21 Woven Rhinestone Studs, 2. Old Navy Chambray Shirt, 3. Xhilaration Solid Black Tights, 4. ASOS REVIVE Mini Skirt in Gold Sequins, 5. Unlisted by Kenneth Cole ‘High Score’ Black Booties, 6. Kate Spade Signature Spade Studs, 7. Zara Top with Pleated Shoulders, 8. Banana Republic Dark Wash Skinny Jean, 9. Chinese Laundry Major Crush Wedge Sandals

So let’s discuss!

Option one is probably a smidge too dressy (especially considering I will be hopping on a plane PROMPTLY after the shower ends). BUT. I already have all the pieces (slightly different versions than what I’ve linked to, but my options are no longer available online). And since I’m all about the budget these days, that’s quite appealing.

Plus, it kind of thrills me whenever I get more mileage out of my gold sequin skirt. That’s a purchase I have yet to regret.

Option two will probably be what I go with. I’ve got the skinny jeans, and I have nude heels or bronze-y wedges (though I’m crushing on those suede wedges something fierce). I have gold studs and I’m sure I can rustle up a bold blouse-y top for a reasonable price.

Any input from the interwebs? What’s your go-to bridal shower outfit? Any suggestions for a top I should consider?

3 Responses to What to Wear to a Bridal Shower

  • I’m having the same dilemma – id go option A. It’s better being overdressed then under dressed – are you going out after the bridal shower? In Australia it’s equal to the bucks night! You usually have an afternoon kitchen tea (for the oldies) then you party on for dinner and clubs with your friends.

    • Justine Lorelle says:

      Fortunately, I have the party night on Saturday and the shower on Sunday (after which I get on a plane to head back to New York), so the outfit only needs to work for one event. Doesn’t make it any easier to pick though!

      (Thanks for commenting!)

  • Esther says:

    I like option A the best. It actually inspired me to wear something similar to a shower I’m going to.: denim shirt, sequinned skirt, and sequinned leopard print scarf. Probably add brown ankle boots to go with the scarf for my outfit. I like outfit B but it’s not as interesting as the other one.

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