I can’t believe I remembered to tell you guys about my coat but forgot to mention my actual big news.



(Like, a week ago. Woo!)

Those of you who have been around for a while know why a big deal this is to me. It has literally been my goal for a couple of years now. That’s crazy.

So anyway, it’s gone. I mean, I still have a car payment, but in my brain, that’s more like rent or a monthly subway pass. It’s going to be around for at least another year.

So anyway. Thanks to all the people who offered words of encouragement along the way. This was a big one, and I appreciated your virtual support more than you know.

Enough about me. What big goals have you guys accomplished lately?

4 Responses to Give me some credit.

  • Courtney Harrington says:

    AMAZING! Great job! How’d you do it? I *think* we might be debt free by December (including student loans) and I’m totally excited at the prospect.

    Did you throw out the credit card? or cancel?

    • Justine Lorelle says:

      I kept the card in case of emergency, but I stopped using it completely. Then I just paid off as much as I could each month instead of putting any in my savings account. Now I can start building that up. It feels *amazing*.

      You can totally do it too!

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