I’ve never described myself as particularly “crunchy” of a gal. I appreciate modern medicine, I don’t always buy organic, and I’ve made peace with the fact that I live in a big city and probably consume a million pollutants a day. That being said, I do appreciate when I can cut out any harmful chemicals from my life, and that goes double while I’m growing another human.

Recently, a friend and her mother started a company that produces more natural pharmaceutical and skincare products called Branch to Nature. I had never had the opportunity to try their goods before, but they recently launched a Mommy Collection, and my friend asked if I would be interested in trying their natural deodorant in exchange for a review.

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Total confession: I have always been skeptical of natural deodorants. One time, in the seventh grade, our science teacher told us that regular deodorant would give us alzheimer’s because of the aluminum, so I scoured the drugstore shelves for one that didn’t have the metal ingredient. Two days later, I was running back to my chemical-laden version because, folks, I was a sweaty beast. I have never strayed since then.

But I have always felt a twinge of guilt using the regular brands. And, as I said, guilt is twofold when you are eating (and, I guess, deodorizing?) for two. So I readily accepted her offer.

My first impression of the deodorant was that the smell is very strongly herbal. I actually came to like the smell in the next couple of days (the lavender and chamomile smell much fresher than what I was using before), but initially I was a little concerned about smelling like potpourri. Fear not, though, the smell doesn’t linger.

The Branch to Nature Mommy Collection Deodorant is not only aluminum-free, it’s also without parabens, sulfates, and triclosan — in fact, it’s made virtually exclusively with natural oils, herbs, and butters.

Of course, it’s not as strong as that prescription-strength bottle you picked up at CVS. But it does work pretty well. You just might have to apply once in the morning and once in the evening. I did this on days I worked out and had no issues. And it is nice knowing that you’re not putting anything harmful in your (or your baby’s) system.

To my readers with kids: Did you switch a lot of skincare products when you got pregnant? I also switched out my facial regimen for products made for pregnant women (AKA, no more anti-aging products…sigh.)

To my readers in general: Do you use (or have you tried) natural deodorant? What did you think?

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  • Sydni says:

    Have you ever heard of or tried Arbonne? It’s a skincare & wellness company that combines the best of science with the best of nature – aka it’s botanical-based, but the products are very powerful. Their anti-aging line has been the best in the business for years!! I use their natural deodorant, which is all I need most of the time, unless I’m going to be outside on a super hot day, that type of thing. Anyways, I can send you some samples of the anti-aging line if you’re interested! Let me know 🙂
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  • Olga Gifford says:

    yes! when I found out I was expecting I switched my make up to Josie Maran products! they are all made with argan oil and are perfectly safe for mama (and baby!). And the products didn’t suck!

  • Mallory says:

    I’m doing a bit of blog stalking here (by the way i love reading your stuff)… thought i would weigh in on the whole natural deodorant thing. I am a self proclaimed sweat machine and i have found 2 brands that really work for me. They may be worth a shot if you are still into using a “natural” form of deodorant. http://www.windeckerfarms.com makes a really great one and she just happens to be my aunt so i may be a little biased. BUT for my UNbiased opinion you should check out http://www.bubbleandbee.com. Both are excellent choices but you may be swayed either way by the scents that are offered.

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