Y’all know I love a good mood board. (Even though I kind of hate the term “mood board.”)

So when a dude friend of mine reached out to be recently and asked for tips on decorating his new apartment, my response was “I HAVE SO MANY IDEAS.”


Because while I love a super feminine space, I also love decorating for dudes. Because, to me, it’s not that different from dressing dudes. And who doesn’t love that?

In fact, both of the mood boards I ended up creating for my friends (who has asked to remain nameless for now) started with a guy’s outfit I loved on Pinterest.

Let’s start with my recommendations for a TV room.

TV Cave

All my friend (who I’m just going to call Anthony because “my friend” gets creepy after a while) told me he wanted was “something in the brown” family that was “masculine” and had a lot of “white”.

So…basically not helpful at all. He dug the above design, though, so everyone wins.

Next, he needed a bedroom. Again, there was minimal direction beyond the fact that he liked “blue…like Yankee blue” and that he needed a place to store a sizable shoe collection.

Again, I turned to some of my favorite guy outfits with blue for a color palette.

Dude's Room


And yes, I’m aware I accidentally put a bath mat in there. The point is = navy rug. Make it happen.

So there you have it! I’m pretty pleased with both rooms, and Anthony seems to like them as well.

Now if only I could get my own bedroom in order, we’d be in business.

Can you believe it? We’ve been in our apartment only three months and I’m basically done decorating.

It’s a miracle.

I mean, sure, there are little things here and there I want to add. And the bedroom isn’t quite done yet. But everything else is about as done as it’s going to get. (In an effort to live a simpler life, and to acknowledge that this is just an apartment we’ll be in for a while and not our dream home, I’m trying not to change our decor as often as I did in the last place. Trying.)

Anyway, here’s a quick tour of the parts that are 99.9% done.

Here’s the view facing the front door toward the kitchen. You can just see our little Craigslist-ed kitchen table and chairs. Hanging on the wall to the right is a vintage Paris map I picked up at HomeGoods ages ago but never had the right spot for.


Here’s what you see when you first walk in the door facing the bathroom.


Joey actually picked that spot for our wedding guest “tree,” and it fits perfectly.

If you go right from there, you enter the kitchen:


Here’s our table with two prints I found on Etsy. (One is a beer bottle and champagne glass with “his” and “hers” on it, the other says “The secret ingredient is always cheese.”) (Because it is.)

The one thing I still want to add to this corner is an oversized print of a Penguin book I have, but I haven’t had a chance to get to Kinkos yet to print it.


Here are the built-in cabinets. I’ve made peace with their old-timey color. We store our bigger items (crock pot, cake plates, etc.) on top and dishes and glasses inside them. My father-in-law also installed little hooks for me under the cabinets to hang teacups and mugs. The seafoam green mat I got from a tag sale at work for about $5.

Back to the living room!




Not too much has changed in here since you last saw it. (It’s cleaner, though.) We actually have no visible clutter in this room, which is pretty incredible to me. (And awesome.)(I’m a nerd.)

The one thing I still want to add to this room is a bulletin board over the computer. I have cork tiles that I want to spray paint white to make it. Stay tuned.

So that’s it! It’s so nice feeling like we can finally have guests over. We already had overnight guests, but we spent so little time in the apartment with them, it didn’t seem to matter if everything wasn’t put together. But Saturday we had our first dinner guests, and I’m hoping to host a few more events this summer. Can’t wait!

Whaaat? I real-live apartment update? On this blog?

You betcha.

This weekend was particularly productive for us on the apartment front. Joey and my father-in-law installed a hanging bar and shelf in our front closet and replaced our shower head with an adjustable one that actually builds up enough pressure to properly rinse shampoo from your hair. (I didn’t include photos because even though the closet and shower head are infinitely more functional, they still don’t look that fancy in a picture. You’ll just have to use your iMaGiNaTiOnS.)

You know what does look snazzy in a photo? Our new couch! It arrived on Wednesday, and we built it that night!! Look how pretty it is!!!photo(4)

I, for one, will not miss sitting on the floor/sharing our one upholstered chair with Joey. Plus, the couch has a bottom drawer for storing extra blankets, pillows, and sheets, and you know what extra storage does to me.

I also finished up the other side of the room:


Cute, huh? I like how colorful everything is looking. I might switch things around on the shelves (shelf styling is one of my secret hobbies), but for now, it’s staying. Bonus points if you can identify what we were watching.

By the end of the week, I’m hoping to be able to show you the kitchen and bedroom.

What have you been up to this weekend?

Man, radio silence on the blog, amiright?

I promise, I have not forsaken you. I’ve just been busting my behind trying to get another corner of the apartment presentable to show you.

Here’s some of the progress we made last week:

1. Emptying TONS of boxes. Seriously, folks. We’re down to the last 11, and I have high hopes that we’ll get down to two or three by the end of next weekend. (Joey is out of town, which means I can spend all my time organizing.)(Is it weird that that thrills me?)

2. Ordered a couch! We finally made it out to IKEA and ordered this little baby:

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.56.38 AM

He’ll arrive in about two weeks. At which point we will stop sitting on the floor. For the most part.

3. Built a kitchen pantry. I really should have take a picture of this, but the kitchen is still a bit too cluttered to show off. But the pantry is awesome. So much storage space!

4. Organized the bar area:


Priorities, people.

5. Added a bar to Joey’s closet so he can finally hang up his clothes, along with a slew of other bedroom organization.

6. Emptied my closet of a few more things I never wear.

7. Started hanging pictures! Here’s our new baby gallery wall:


I’m sure there were a few more little things along the way, but those are the ones I’m most excited about.


Plus, I’m still in love with our neighborhood and have been exploring it more and more. Look how pretty it looks in the sunshine:


Ok, so maybe it’s still a lot of concrete. But the trees are finally getting green!

So this was a boring post unless you’re as excited about my home as I am. What did YOU do this weekend?

Ok, ok. So our kitchen is still in complete disarray and we don’t have a couch and our bedroom is still crowded with boxes.


As those of you who follow me on Instagram know, I’ve decided to celebrate the little victories when it comes to setting up our new apartment. Like, say, finishing the bathroom.

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.52.52 PM

Total disclosure: The bathroom wasn’t even done in that photo. There were two boxes of things in the bathtub. But they’re put away now, and that room really is done.

Another corner I can cross off my list? The entryway.

Here’s the lackluster before:


And the much homier after:


Howsabout a little close-up, eh?


The mirror I’ve actually had for over a year, but I ended up not having a place for it at our last apartment. Then I bought the hooks from Anthropologie. And voila! A charming little entryway.

And yes, that IS the only apartment update I have to share with you. Stay tuned for more.

Sometimes I feel like the kiss of death for me is a specific deadline.

The bathroom is still the only finished room in the apartment, despite my promises. And, technically, it’s not even done because we’re going to change the shower head and hang a caddy thing on the wall. But it’s definitely the closest.

On the bright side, we emptied and disposed of about twenty boxes this weekend, so I’m trying not to feel like too much of a failure.

Side note: If you ever have a bunch of packing boxes to get rid of and just don’t have the heart to simply throw then away, put up a free Craigslist ad for them. I’ve done this twice and always had a taker in about 20 minutes. And it has nothing to do with being good at Craigslist.

Speaking of Craigslist, I finally managed to score a cedar chest to use as a coffee table!


(Ignore the other details of this horrendous “before” photo…we’re a work in progress…all in the name of authenticity, right?)

Anyway, I love it and it was super cheap because technically it needs a little restoring, but I kind of like its character. The best part is that it provides tons of storage, so we’ll be using it as a coffee table and to hold blankets and the various misc things in our apartment I haven’t been able to convince the hubs to throw away.

I’m afraid that’s the only photo I have to show you for now. Better luck next week?