“You don’t think a silverback gorilla could beat an elephant? ….I wanna see a silverback fight an elephant.”


Hopefully the revelation of my last post didn’t leave too many of you reeling. Actually, those of you who know me in person were probably not that shocked at all.

Anyway, I’m going to proceed as if we are all well adjusted, so if you’re not, maybe wait until tomorrow to read this.

I’m going to have two weeks between ending my current position and starting the new, and I’ve decided to look at it as an abbreviated summer break. Here’s what I plan to accomplish on my summer fall vacation:

1. Cleaning. I want to get the apartment absolutely perfect. The fact has not evaded me that I still owe you an apartment tour post. Things got a little crazy for a while, and it’s just not exactly right yet, but I promise. Soon.

2. Sewing. Remember all those old goals for self betterment I used to make? Well, there’s one thing I have literally always wanted to know how to do but never learned. Here’s a hint:


Bought that pretty little baby on Craigslist. And during fall break, I intend to learn how to use it. There’s got to be a few tutorials on YouTube, right?

3. Out with the old. This sort of goes with cleaning, but I’m also going to go through ALL of our clothing and donate anything we don’t wear. Things are getting a little crowded, plus then I can acquire some new fall duds without feeling guilty. Win-win!

That’s it for now. I mean, obviously there will be more marathon training, catching up on sleep, and buying a car, as well, but those you already knew about.

And as always, I’ll keep you updated on the progress.

Remember when I first got married and was OBSESSED with putting together our apartment?

Welp, the nesting bug is back and in full force.

I’m not entirely sure what brought it on, but I have a feeling my new love affair with home improvement blogs isn’t helping.

I swear, I could lose myself in those things for hours. People are just so darn crafty! It makes me wish I had taken wood shop class so I could finale a jigsaw, or at the very least pursued home ec for another semester in middle school (never learned how to use a sewing machine…it is one of my top five biggest regrets).

But what I really, REALLY wish? That I could just paint my apartment.

Do you have any idea the kind of transformation you can bring about with just a couple coats of paint?? According to the dozens of “before and after” posts I’ve been inhaling, you will basically end up with a brand new room.

My wish list for our next apartment now looks like this:

1. Washer and dryer
2. Dishwasher
3. Allows dogs
4. Allows painting
5. Disposal in the kitchen sink
6. Bookshelves

For now, I’m contesting myself with finally getting the last two pieces of furniture I wanted and finally hanging some pictures and things on the walls.

Part of my motivation is that we’re having company the next two weekends (cousins the first, a friend from Nebraska the second), and you know how I get with wanting to impress people.

So I guess I’ll temper the obsession with blogs and surface changes until we get a place we can actually leave a mark on. Anyone have a blog to recommend? (Don’t say Apartment Therapy. Obviously I know that one.)

So my lovely, wonderful, darling of a husband bought me a Kindle!


Now, as you probably assume, I was originally against the very idea of e-readers. I still have a nostalgic, emotional attachment to books, and I will always like having them around. However, I’m still hip! I pick up the jive you lay down, Amazon! So I’ve decided to embrace the future in all its technological, environmentally conscious goodness. (Plus, lately I’ve found myself envying people with them on the train. So compact! So easy to read with the one hand that isn’t holding onto a pole!)

I downloaded my first book last night, and I plan on stocking up a bit tonight before my trip. So far, I like it. It takes a bit of getting used to, and I find myself trying to “turn” the “pages” a bit too soon out of excitement (though, that could be the book I’m reading), but all in all, it’s pretty neat.

Plus, I’m a fast reader. I go through books like some people go through underwear. It’s expensive buying all those actual books, but I kind of hate having to return library books. And by the time I get to the book store or library, I almost never remember what book it was I wanted to buy.

Um, he-llo instand gratification!

So if anyone would like to buy me a present in the next few….lifetime, Amazon gift cards will be gratefully accepted. Also, this.

Because I might be embracing a new era, but I’m still me, after all.

In the wild, I don’t think I would be good at tracking anything. I’m a fairly observant person, but unless I had a clear set of footprints to follow (or, you know, bright red arrows or something), I’m pretty sure I would dismiss broken branches and such (it’s the wild — branches break out here…?).

Which is why I love technology that enables me to track anything.

One time, I visited my friend Annie in D.C. for the weekend. Late one night, we decided to order a pizza from Dominoes, because we had heard you could order their pizza online (plus, we wanted pizza). When we got to the website, it turned out they were running some kind of promotion (I think it had something to do with Dark Knight…) where after you ordered your pie, you could literally track it from the oven to your door.

You guys. I am not even slightly exaggerating when I say this mesmerized us. Our eyes did not leave the screen, except to shout occasionally, “It’s baking right now!” “It’s enroute!” “It’s one mile away as we speak!!!

We hasn’t simply ordered a pizza; we had ordered an adventure. With cheese!

This is also why I’m obsessed with tracking numbers on shipments. Anytime I order something online (which is fairly often), I always feel more actively involved in the purchase when I type in that number and find out it left two days ago and is due in my hands on Tuesday.

So maybe I’m not going to catch an outlaw or chase down a rabbit. I can settle for knowing exactly when my new wallet will grace my doorstep.

In fact, I don’t think that’s settling at all.

This may come as a surprise to many of you, but I’m a person who initially opposes a lot of new technology. I was anti-blogging for years. The first time I encountered Twitter, I pronounced it “pointless.” E-readers? A crime on humanity.

Like any good writer, I blame my upbringing. After all, weren’t my parents the ones who waited until I was in the eighth grade to buy a computer with internet access, lest the whole thing turn out to be a fad?

So yes, as much as I have later come to embrace these technologies, originally, I was very much against them.

I’m not sure why I would expect Foursquare to be any different.

For those of you not familiar, Foursquare is an online network where you “check in” at whatever location you happen to be in. Restaurants, movie theaters, train stations — everything is fair game. Checking in earns you points and badges, and if you check in the most, you become the “mayor” of that place. Many locations will reward you for check ins, with things like discounts or even free merchandise. Being the mayor entitles you to even more rewards.

Now, there are still things I don’t care for with Foursquare. For one, I don’t really think it’s necessary for people to know where I am at all times. Nor do I really care where you are all the time. But, like so many things I originally disliked, Foursquare pulled me in using an age-old tactic: free stuff.

The entire system is extremely reward-based, and since my philosophy is that free stuff is better than not free stuff, I’m an ideal customer.

So when my husband sent me an invitation to join, I figured, why not see what all the fuss was about?

The next thing I know, I’m drinking a free coffee from Crumbs and five days away from being the mayor of my office. Hook + line + sinker.

Now, I still think some discretion is required. I don’t check in to literally every place I go (though I will do a quick scan of the area for any potential deals). I’m in it solely for the complimentary coffee.

Plus, I’d kind of like to add “Mayor of a Cupcake Shop” to my business card.