Welp, July is over and done with. It was a pretty great month, though!

This last weekend I went to my high school friends’ wedding (to each other) and got to see family and friends.

Ignore my friend's dad looking so distraught.

Then I turned 24. So I now look like this.

"Get off my lawn!"

I kid, I kid. As I’ve mentioned, I don’t really freak about getting older. Although I haven’t technically started falling apart yet…so…I guess we’ll see.

Seeing my high school friends was cool and weird at the same time. Cool because they’re pretty cool people, but weird because this was the first time I went home and actually felt like people were different. More grown up. Adults.

I mean, we all pretty much have jobs (or are in law school). And not even just jobs. We have careers.

Now that someone (besides me) is married, I feel like that particular ball ain’t gonna stop rolling until everyone is hitched, and soon. I mean, several are in serious relationships, some have been ring shopping, and heck, they’re actually trying to catch the bouquet.

You would think that I of all people would not be weirded out by adulthood. I think it’s just that you expect and get used to certain things from your friends. These are the kids I spent every night of summer with, playing Mario Party or playingdominating in whiffle ball. Now they’re marrying? And (gasp) possibly having children in the (nearish) future?

Too weird.

But still…good. Nice.

Ok, but still weird.

I guess what (I think) I’m saying is, I’m happy for my friends. Proud of them. Proud of us.

Next Saturday, I’m spending the evening with basically everyone I went to high school with.

No, it’s not a reunion. Technically. Two of my good friends from high school are getting married (to each other), and I’m heading back to the heartland to celebrate with them.

Given my not-so-secret feelings about weddings, it should be no surprise that I’m quite excited.

But also given my apprehension about seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time (and judgments), I’ve also, naturally, decided to put pressure on myself.

Now, the rational part of my brain knows that these are my friends, and therefore they are most likely not hoping I got fat and live a sad, lonely life. That I don’t actually have anything to prove. And, to be perfectly honest, they probably already know the gist of my life from Facebook and this ‘ere blog.

The irrational part of my brain wants to be impressive.

God, I hate trying to be impressive.

It’s not like I’m getting plastic surgery or anything. I might be a little more dedicated to my workouts. I might fill in the spots where my highlights have grown out. Heck, I’d probably do that before any big even where I’m going to bother getting dressed up.

I think I’m also a little bummed because Joey isn’t coming with me (sigh…finances and other grown-up games), but after all, I will know everyone there, so I can’t get too lonely.

I guess what I’m saying is, I’m not really worried, but I am a bit preoccupied. Ugh, there’s nothing like the girl going to a wedding who’s only worried about herself, right?

But I have a dress, I have a present that my dear friend Annie and I went in on, I have my plane ticket and my car to the airport booked, and I actually am really excited to see everyone. Yay, weddings!

“There’s something about impressing people you haven’t seen in a really long time. Well, not impressing…that’s the wrong word. I guess just going a little out of your way to be like, “Hey, I didn’t turn into a hobo.”


So…in all the excitement of coming back from the honeymoon, I completely forgot to tell you about the wedding!

Odds are, most of you already know me in real life and were there and/or are friends with me on Facebook, so you probably have a pretty good idea what it was like, but for the 2% of my readership who just happen to find me interesting despite not being an active part of my life, here’s a snapshot.

I know almost every bride thinks her wedding day was awesome, but…well, mine was just perfect. I mean, stuff went wrong and there were the annoying things you have to do, but when I think back on it, there was just so much good.

I woke up the morning-of at exactly 7 a.m. I had set my alarm for another hour and a half later, but my body was operating on wedding time now. I was so. Freaking. Excited. After forcing myself to eat some toast, the day started with hair and makeup for the girls. My sister-in-law did almost everyone’s looks (shameless plug for her salon here!), and we all left the hotel looking mighty attractive.

Then my favorite parts started. First, there was the first look for Joey and me. I was so excited to see him, and he looked so good. Our fabulous photographer and videographer were on hand to capture the whole thing (and seriously, these guys are AMAZING. I’m not just saying that. They travel, too, so if you’re looking, hire them. They’re also positively delightful in person.), and then we did our bridal party pictures.



Then it was ceremony time. I know the ceremony can be kind of boring when it’s not your wedding. But this was honestly my favorite part of the day. It was just really…meaningful, I guess. I cried like a baby, but only because he started it. Sigh, husbands, right?

After that, we were married! That’s the craziest part. It’s like, one second, single. The next, poof, married! Crazy in a good way. After the obligatory family photos, it was party time.

We tried really hard to make sure we enjoyed our reception, but it is a little challenging. Everyone wants to talk or take a picture with you or, ahem, take a shot with you, but you also have speeches and table visits and to spend time with relatives and friends who came all this way. It’s a bit much.

But I can honestly say it was one of the best days of my life so far. There was so much love and happiness around me the whole day. Sorry to be a mush, but I can’t help but get all goo-goo eyed when I talk about it.

Feel free to check out Megan’s blog for more photos and AJ’s site for the video clip (links above) if you need more. Hard to believe we’ve already been hitched for a month! Here’s hoping for a lot more “one of the best days of our lives.”

Wow, aren’t you guys so tired of hearing about my wedding/honeymoon? Well, I promise I only have one more post in the works on the topic, and then I’ll be done. (Though no promises I’ll never mention it again…I’ve heard this “marriage” thing is going to be a big factor in my life.)

So tune in tomorrow for a little wedding recap. Photos and video will be provided!

For now, I’d like to try a little experiment. Two days ago my blog topped out at over 300 page views in a day. This is incredibly flattering, and I would love to get an idea of who all you super star readers are.

Now, I know the regulars (my dad, friends, etc.), but if you have never commented on a post, do me a favor and introduce yourself! If we’re not personally buddies, how did you find me?

I’m really just curious, so if no one replies, I won’t be offended. Just thought I’d ask. And, seriously, thanks for reading. It means a lot.

Ok, I’m going to cut it short here. Lord knows I’ve inundated you with enough long posts lately, and another is on its way tomorrow. Take care til then!

The title of this post is how the fiance starts every conversation he feels is going to be uncomfortable. As in:

“So, um…I can’t pick you up tonight.”

I’ve noticed myself doing it more lately too. It’s sort of a spring board, and it keeps you from chickening out and not saying anything. It’s a more time-efficient version of “I need to talk to you about something.”

Although, once you figure out that “so, um…” usually means bad, or at least awkward news, it usually freaks you out almost as much as “we need to talk.”

So, um…I need to tell you guys something…

Tomorrow is my last day at my job.

I’ve literally drafted this post in my head upwards of ten times because, while a lot of you already knew this was coming, for a lot of you it probably comes as a shock.

So…yeah. There’s the moving and shaking I promised you.

I don’t really care to discuss the specifics of what brought on my resignation because I really do value the time spent with the company. Suffice to say, it wasn’t working for me anymore, and I decided to make a change.

I’ll miss a lot of things (especially people). It definitely feels like a new chapter is starting. Marriage. New job. New apartment.


Well, here goes!