Seasonal Affective Disorder

Ok, I started the “Seasonal Affective Disorder” tag over a year ago as a joke, but I think I legitimately have that.

I just ran across the street for a snack, and even when I just SAW the sun through a WINDOW, I physically FELT my mood lift.

I mean, I know I have a vitamin D deficiency, but this is ridiculous.

You guys. It’s the last day of December. Meaning the year, nay the decade is coming to a close. You know what that means.


(crowd cheering noise)

So here it is, a chance to look back and reflect on what a weirdo I am all of my most popular opinions and ponderings from 2009. And if you don’t like them, well, YOU guys looked at them, so don’t blame me.

Enjoy, and stay safe!

10. Secrets sometimes make friends

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8. Till death do us part

7. Breaking 100

6. The wonderful, awesome, fantastic, very good day

5. Luck be a lady

4. My dad joined Facebook yesterday

3. Gold medal for overachieving

2. When tube socks go bad

1. Wedding Fever

P.S. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to read this. Most of the time I’m not even sure I’m being coherent, so it means a lot that there are actually regular readers. Seriously. You guys rule.

xo, jlb

My roommate Emma recently asked me if I was making any New Year’s Resolutions. (Yes, I think that deserves to be capped.) I kind of panicked and just said “no,” an answer she was clearly disappointed with. I was too.

It’s not that I don’t want to make any resolutions, it’s just that I don’t like the idea of deciding to work on ONE thing for an ENTIRE year. I mean, come on. That’s just asking to get bored and give up. Or just looking for an excuse to be lazy. As my more loyal readers know, I’m more about making monthly resolutions. Every month.I’m serious.

During December, I actually finished all of my November goals. (Side note: Check out the newly updated website at!) December Fitness Month! has been slower going due to…well, laziness.

The point is, I am willing to make New Month of January Resolutions. (Also capped.) Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1. Work out at least four times a week. As in get all sweaty. But I would also like to do SOMETHING physical every day, even if it’s just doing a video or going ice skating or for a walk. I feel like I can commit to that.

2. Speaking up more. When I’m mad about something, I tend to just get quiet and sullen. (Ask the boyfriend.) So I’m resolving to try to stop doing that and to instead just say when something is bothering me. (You asked for it! …kidding…kind of.)

Ok, so that’s all I have so far. See, this is why I can’t commit to a year, I know things will come up that I need to work on, and it probably won’t take until next December for it to happen.

Lord knows I always have plenty of things to improve on.

I’m a pretty fortunate girl. Here’s a little bit of why.

So much to tell! To begin, I can finally reveal what the super secret present was that I got for my boyfriend. It waaaaaas…..

Islander tickets! (New York Islanders. It’s a hockey team. For those not in the know.)

They’re his fave, and they were pretty good seats, so needless to say, I scored major girlfriend points. Plus, it was sort of a six-month thing (yeesh, time flies!), so it was a nice way to celebrate. And they won! In overtime!

Everyone had a nice time.

Now, before I tell you the next part, I have to preface by saying that when I write about something tangible in my blog, I don’t expect someone to run out and buy it for me. I swear, it’s just something I’ve either recently discovered or have been thinking about for a while, and I’m always pressed to come up with something to write about, so that’s what usually ends up happening. So no expectations.

Ok and /preface.

So the boyfriend left for a month in Canada today (boo), but before he left, he gave me two presents (yay!). One was a flash drive of songs that made him think of me (all together now….aww!) and the other I had to wait for because it was arriving in the mail. As you know, I’m not the most patient person, so this was trying. However, I do love surprises, so I sucked it up and waited.

Imagine my thrill upon arriving home tonight and discovering THIS:

Containing THESE:

The boots I wanted! Now, again, I know. I KNOW. Emma is somewhere barfing, and I KNOW that the brand of these particular boots is the first syllable of an adjective meaning “unpleasant or repulsive, esp. in appearance,” but I think they’re cute. And OH my GAWD are they so warm. I want a giant one to LIVE in this winter.

The point is, both gifts were terribly thoughtful, so he scored major boyfriend points, too. Now if only I could get him back in the country, we’d be in business…

So those of you who follow my gmail statuses (Susan) my have noticed that I’ve been going to the doctor a lot lately.

No, I do not have a chronic illness or debilitating disease. Quite the opposite actually. The thing is, my company is changing our medical benefits to be, well, less good. So I (and most of my co-workers) have been scrambling to get everything checked out and up to make sure we don’t have any looming medical expenses in our future.

The good news? Aside from a slight vitamin D deficiency, I’m the picture of health! Here’s a quick sum-up of all my new doctors’ best moments:

General physician – “You seem like a very healthy specimen.” And then AGAIN at the (rather pointless) follow-up: “You’re a very health specimen. Stay that way.”

Eye doctor – “It must be really easy for you to get contacts in; you have such big eyes!” (Me: “Uh…yeah, I guess.”)

Dentist –“Do you get any pain on the lower right side?” (Me: No…) “Oh, ok.” (Me: Wait, is something wrong?) “No, no just checking!” (Me: Umm…)

Dermatologist – “You should go home.” (Me: Oh, I can’t, I have to get back to work.) “Do you want me to write you a note?”

I have one other doctor, but she didn’t say anything funny. She was just nice. And southern.

So, to anyone who was concerned about my health (parents), you can relax. I’m fine. Great, even! And I don’t want to see another doctor for at least six months.

So, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it’s getting colder out. And the cold reminded me of something: The birth of this here blog. (Caution: I use an adult word in the title. I was angry.)

I actually thought I had missed the anniversary, but it seems it was on December 24th. So we’re good!

Anyway, as you can read for yourself, I happen to dislike the cold. A lot. A WHOLE lot. But there is something I DO like, and this like happens to coincide with my dislike! It’s…shopping! Here are the three things I would like to purchase before the temperatures get in the single digits:

This coat. I actually a version I keep seeing people wear on the street that ties at the waist, but I couldn’t find a link to that. So imagine this with a tied waist.

These boots. In gray. Ok, I know. I KNOW. I usually hate Uggs too. But I saw a woman wearing short gray ones as I was leaving work the other day, and I found myself quietly coveting them for two blocks. So sue me.

These gloves. The practicality of fingerless gloves combined with the warmth of mittens! Yay!