Seasonal Affective Disorder

I really hardly ever get sick. I just sifted through my archives, and the last time I came down with something (bad enough to be blogged about) was January of 2011. The time before that? October of 2010.

That’ll do, immune system. That’ll do.

So I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about the fact that my nasal region has turned into a cesspool of mucus production in the last couple of days.

But guess what? I’m going to complain. And you want to know why?


Fortunately, a side effect to having a fairly robust immune system is that I’m generally not sick for very long. And I have enough vitamins coursing through my system to give even the toughest bacteria a run for its money, so here’s hoping the next three days are packed with good health.

My “get better” concoction consists of a B-complex and D vitamin daily, along with at least two Emergen-C (knock-off) packets and 3-4 Zycam (zinc) meltaways every day. Like I said, lots o’ vitamins.

Plus I slept about 12-13 hours Thursday night (stayed home from work on Friday), and about 10 hours on both Friday and Saturday nights. My body has no excuses for not beating this thing.


In almost every other way, though, I’m very ready to go. I just need to pick up some boot socks today and pack on Wednesday. That’s it! Obviously, I’m super excited.

So if you need me, I’ll just be sitting here thinking healthy thoughts.

Anyone else have any cold-busting remedies to share?

If I’m going to spend money on something, I want it to be exactly what I want.

I didn’t used to be this way. I used to be a major impulse shopper, snapping up the first reasonably priced version of whatever it was I wanted (or had just decided I wanted). But somewhere along the way, something changed.

I think it started with the boots.

I wanted a pair of brown leather boots like nobody’s business. But not just any brown leather boots. I wanted them almost knee height. And a certain color brown. A warm, congac color. And I wanted some kind of embellishment. A buckle or something. And a stacked heel. A riding boot with a stacked heel.

Problem? It’s nearly impossible to find the perfect pair that is also the perfect price.

When I tell you I searched for years for the perfect pair, I am not exaggerating. I would find myself wandering, seemingly aimlessly, in shoe stores, until I would happen upon the boot section. I would examine each pair, picking them apart in my brain.

Not the right color…too gaudy…not tall enough…too tall…

Until suddenly I would see the PERFECT pair. Right height, right color, right material. And then I would glance a the price tag and see that the perfect pair would run me $400.

And back on the shelf they would go.

I’m happy to say that I am now the owner of both a flat and a heeled version of these boots, and both purchases were in my budget. Sure, they were investment pieces, but that’s sort of the point of an investment, right?

The reason why I’m telling you this story is because I am on an new epic hunt. Really, I think I’ve been on this hunt for about three years, but only recently has it been at the forefront of my mind.

I want a camel-colored coat.

Not a trench. A wool camel coat. But not just any camel-colored coat. I want it to be long-ish, to about mid-thigh length. It has to have the right buttons and the right color. It has to be fitted in the waist. And it has to be reasonably priced. (Girl’s not made of money.)

I actually just spent a good 20 minutes trying to find good examples of what I’m looking for online, and now I’m starting to convince myself maybe it doesn’t exist. (Wouldn’t be the first time I had dreamt up an item of clothing in my head…)

Here’s the closest I could find:

No longer available at Express, but on Ebay here

Available here

The second one I would like better without the leather trim, and I’m not sure if I would get tired of the ruffled skirt on the first one. Blerg.

Basically, this is my Holy Grail.

Ooh just a tic! I did a second search, just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything and came across this:


Um hi. You might be my new best friend. But I get so anxious about buying things I haven’t tried on. Gahhh indecision.

So…should I go for it? Wait until I find one I can try on? Stop making this such a big issue and remember it’s just a COAT?

Me: You drank half of the pumpkin eggnog?!?

Joey: …I had a fugue.

My weekend was really, very dull. I mean, sure, I got a lot of cleaning and organizing done (boo-yah), but I spent at least 75 percent of it on my butt, on the couch. So lame.

I should have at least gone to the gym. Oh well, going tonight, and I’m running a 5K on Thursday, so that has to count for something.

Anywho. I used to get really stressed out when I would have a useless weekend. Part of it was that I was unhappy at my job, and if I didn’t do anything over the weekend, the two weeks would just sort of blend together in this smudge of unhappiness and stress.

Plus, when the hubster and I were just innocent little daters, the weekend was really the only time we got to see each other. So a wasted weekend was wasted time together.

To some degree, I think I still have the mindset that I have to do something or it’s like that time never happened. But in another way, I feel like I’m getting over that.

Guess I’ve just resigned myself to boring old age and death. (I’m kidding. I still do stuff, just not this past weekend.)

I should probably just be grateful for the time off. This weekend, I have plans, including a day-trip upstate on Friday. And then it’s like, DECEMBER, which just boggles my mind. And there are lots of exciting things coming in December. Just you wait.

So…I’m pretty sure an entire fourth grade class somewhere got assigned a project on narwhals yesterday. If not, there’s is just no explanation for over FIVE HUNDRED views that post got yesterday. (Well, except the fetish thing…) The blog itself got over SEVEN hundred views. I’m thrilled and stunned at the same time.

The sad part is that I know it’s a fluke, so today’s numbers will be nowhere near as impressive. (Unless a few of those fourth graders are procrastinators!)

Last night, I kept making Joey play “Guess How Many Views I Have NOW!” I think the game was more fun for me than it was for him.

Anyway, moving on. Just had to get that out of my system. Wowie.

For any of you who have recently found the blog due to a narwhal search, welcome! (And hopefully you’re not a sicko.) If you care to shed some light on why so many people searched “narwhals” yesterday, I’d surely be obliged.

*EDIT*** Apparently narwhals were trending on Yahoo yesterday? So random. Oh well, guess that clears THAT up!

In other news.

Does anyone else read blogs or go on Pinterest and just feel like an absolute loser for not being able to make things? Or, at the very least, not attempting to make anything?

I’ve decided to be craftier. (A person can just decide that, right?) I have two or three necklaces I want to make. Like this:

I could totally make this.

I’ve downgraded that Mad Men dress to a skirt (the bodice was not coming along well…baby steps. I ended up just buying a super cute dress on Etsy. Photos to come.) but still need to actually make it, and I have a couple of dresses I’ve convinced myself I can alter. Plus, I keep seeing really cute infinity scarves on Pinterest, and I think I could manage that. And I can crochet…and I need a new earmuff/headband thing…and I saw one on Pinterest…so…there you have it.

So what I’m saying is, it shall be the winter of crafting! (I’ve lost what little male audience I had to begin with, haven’t I?)

At the very least, it will give me something to post about. You know, now that I have all those narwhal lovers turning to me for the cold hard facts about the unicorn of the sea. Mmhmm.

Anyone else have crafts on the horizon they want to tackle?

In general, I consider myself a pretty healthy person. I eat loads of vegetables, and I actually like them. I run fairly regularly. I drink over a gallon of water every day.

Sometimes, though…well, sometimes things go awry.

I blame this time of year. Do you realize how much crap (albeit delicious, delicious crap) I’m surrounded with from mid-October to mid-February?

Of course you do. Because you are surrounded with it too.

Let me give you a little run-down of everything I ate yesterday:

1. Two blueberry muffins (although this was my own fault…but they were small and homemade so….get off me)
2. A pumpkin scone (ok, I know I said I only eat one of these a year, but this was NOT a Starbucks pumpkin scone; it was also homemade and a girl in my office brought them in and it was small and GET OFF ME)
3. Four mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
5. A salad (hooray for me)
6. A mini Three Musketeers bar
7. Two MORE mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups
8. A sensible dinner I made. It involved asparagus, shrimp, and part-skim ricotta cheese, if only so my body would not succumb to scurvy.

I did go running at least, so maybe that will counter-balance the roughly 1,000 extra calories I consumed. Except…not.

I actually avoid dieting on purpose, mostly because the second I tell myself I can’t have something, it is all. I. Can. Think. About. And I believe everything in moderation. And, you know, pumpkin scones and Reeses Peanut Butter Cups are delicious.

However, I can’t help but notice that what I fuel myself with drastically effects how I function. (Despite taking in almost exclusively refined and processed carbs yesterday, my run was fairly difficult. Who knew?)(Oh yeah, every doctor ever.)

I’d like to say that this is me kicking off a month of health and eschewing all things amazingsugary, but I also don’t like to lie to you. And I already told you, I don’t cut things out of my diet completely. (Unless it’s like, arsenic. Or trans fats.) Besides, I work out so I can eat more. Duh. (Well, and because it’s good for the heart and whatever. But mostly so I can eat more.)

That being said, part of that whole “moderation” theory means not going overboard in the other direction, either. So, body, this is me formally apologizing and promising not to have a chocolate and peanut butter free-for-all again…for at least a while.

Please tell me I’m not the only one whose office looks like a bakery these days? I can only imagine what will happen in December…