Sorry this post is boring

Lately, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a little bit of a holding pattern.

I mean, everything is good. There’s just not that much going on.

Work is fine. Everything with Joey and me is good. Life is pretty much business as usual.

So why aren’t I completely at peace with that?

I’ve mentioned before how I have problems being content. I’m an achiever, so if I’m not striving toward some goal, I think I feel a little lost. Like I don’t have a direction. I’ve never been very good at coasting.

Which is why (I assume) whenever I get too comfortable with anything, or feel like it’s not that much of a challenge anymore, I get a little restless.

And goodness knows I don’t have much to blog about when I’m overly content. Meaning you guys are the real victims here. (Right, guys?)

Fortunately, I think we’re just in a bit of a slow patch. In the next couple of months, I have a half marathon (my first in over a year!), I might be doing a tough mudder (more on that later), and I’m heading home to Iowa for the Thanksgiving break (could NOT be more excited). Hopefully those adventures will bring about a few interesting stories.

Maybe this is just a seasonal transition. Anyone else feeling a bit stuck-in-a-rut?

Remember when I used to make you listen to my (many) thoughts about my hair all the time? (Okay, maybe it wasn’t that long ago…)

Well, a few months back, I embraced that seen-everywhere trend of dyeing my hair ombré.


As soon as my stylist stepped back to show me how it looked, I was fairly certain I had made a mistake.

It’s not that it looked horrible. (I don’t think.) It just…wasn’t me. And every time I looked in the mirror, my coloring just looked sad. The darker hair washed me out, and I felt like I just looked like I needed a highlight.

So last weekend, I accepted my mistake and went back to blonde. Here’s my best model pose, which those of you who follow me on Instagram have already seen:


The difference was immediate. My complexion seemed brighter, and I just felt more like my sunny self. (Damn right I’m sunny.)

Yesterday, Taylor, who sits next to me at work and hears my tales of woe about this all the time, said, “Remember how you always said that your ombré hair made you look different? I get it now. Because you really look different blonde!”

This is what I’ve been saying, people.

So anyway. We’re back to normal and ready for summer. You know. Because of the sunniness.

Man, radio silence on the blog, amiright?

I promise, I have not forsaken you. I’ve just been busting my behind trying to get another corner of the apartment presentable to show you.

Here’s some of the progress we made last week:

1. Emptying TONS of boxes. Seriously, folks. We’re down to the last 11, and I have high hopes that we’ll get down to two or three by the end of next weekend. (Joey is out of town, which means I can spend all my time organizing.)(Is it weird that that thrills me?)

2. Ordered a couch! We finally made it out to IKEA and ordered this little baby:

Screen shot 2013-04-29 at 8.56.38 AM

He’ll arrive in about two weeks. At which point we will stop sitting on the floor. For the most part.

3. Built a kitchen pantry. I really should have take a picture of this, but the kitchen is still a bit too cluttered to show off. But the pantry is awesome. So much storage space!

4. Organized the bar area:


Priorities, people.

5. Added a bar to Joey’s closet so he can finally hang up his clothes, along with a slew of other bedroom organization.

6. Emptied my closet of a few more things I never wear.

7. Started hanging pictures! Here’s our new baby gallery wall:


I’m sure there were a few more little things along the way, but those are the ones I’m most excited about.


Plus, I’m still in love with our neighborhood and have been exploring it more and more. Look how pretty it looks in the sunshine:


Ok, so maybe it’s still a lot of concrete. But the trees are finally getting green!

So this was a boring post unless you’re as excited about my home as I am. What did YOU do this weekend?

Sometimes I feel like the kiss of death for me is a specific deadline.

The bathroom is still the only finished room in the apartment, despite my promises. And, technically, it’s not even done because we’re going to change the shower head and hang a caddy thing on the wall. But it’s definitely the closest.

On the bright side, we emptied and disposed of about twenty boxes this weekend, so I’m trying not to feel like too much of a failure.

Side note: If you ever have a bunch of packing boxes to get rid of and just don’t have the heart to simply throw then away, put up a free Craigslist ad for them. I’ve done this twice and always had a taker in about 20 minutes. And it has nothing to do with being good at Craigslist.

Speaking of Craigslist, I finally managed to score a cedar chest to use as a coffee table!


(Ignore the other details of this horrendous “before” photo…we’re a work in progress…all in the name of authenticity, right?)

Anyway, I love it and it was super cheap because technically it needs a little restoring, but I kind of like its character. The best part is that it provides tons of storage, so we’ll be using it as a coffee table and to hold blankets and the various misc things in our apartment I haven’t been able to convince the hubs to throw away.

I’m afraid that’s the only photo I have to show you for now. Better luck next week?

Well, the apartment set-up continues to plod along. I have this (probably crazy) goal to be out of boxes by this Sunday. We’ll see if that actually happens.

But progress has been made! Since moving in, we’ve acquired a kitchen table and two chairs, a chair for the computer desk, a console table for the kitchen, and, as of last night, a wardrobe from IKEA.


I stayed up until past midnight last night putting it together, so tonight’s project is actually filling it up.

The only purchases we need to make left are a pantry for the kitchen and a couch. One of these our purchases is obviously more exciting than the other.

Which reminds me, we sold our couch! My Craigslist streak lives on. It was quite the ordeal, but it is officially out of our possession.

For this week, the plan is to set up the bedroom and living room. The kitchen will still be in limbo until we get the pantry this weekend, but I should still be able to make my Sunday goal. Then it’s just the fun part of decorating everything.

Phew. My body is still exhausted from carting those wardrobe pieces up four flights of stairs. What have you guys been up to?

Last night. I had a dream I was viewing an apartment. I may have a disease.

But seriously. I realize the apartment hunt is all I can talk about (and, let’s be honest, think about). I’d like to tell you I’m going to chill out about it, but I also like not lying to your beautiful faces.

Plus, I don’t know, I feel like ensuring we have a place to live in three weeks is an okay thing to obsess over a bit.

In the name of OPTIMISM, I can tell you that we’ve switched tactics a bit. Inspired by the lovely Emilia’s suggestion (and, okay, my husband’s subtle requests to look at apartments there) we are officially focusing on Astoria. Why was I resisting Astoria? I don’t know. People who live there seem to love it. And, you guys. You can get so much more for your money. So that’s the new plan.

I’m hopeful that we’ll have a place by the end of the week. Please think good, apartment-finding thoughts for me.

ANYWAY. Once we actually find the place, the fun part can begin. And of corse I mean fun for me because I’m talking about decorating the place.

Hopefully once that starts, my posts will stop sounding so crazed. (Probably not.)