Things I Like

So some of you know that I’ve been planning a surprise anniversary party for my parents’ 25th. (It’s actually in June, but the fam was here for my graduation anyway, and besides, it’s a better surprise this way.) Anyways, the point is it was tonight, and it was awesome.


Even better, I GOT A CAMERA!!! That’s right. My friend Rebekah got me a camera for graduation, and it rules. As you may or may not remember, my other camera met an unfortunate end when it was stolen by hardened criminals*. But I will no longer be sad about that because now I can incorporate more photos into this little blog.

And since I’m moving to New York ON THURSDAY, I have more people to keep updated about my life. Aren’t you as thrilled as I am? I thought so.

Anyways, the point is, tonight I was a good daughter, and now I’m exhausted. Tomorrow is graduation. Here’s hoping I don’t trip and fall on my face in front of thousands of people!!

*people my roommates invited to a house party

Weddings are fun. They just are.

Even the things you think you hate about weddings, you don’t really. Yes, they will always play “Celebration” and “Brick House” and “We Are Family,” but in a way, isn’t that consistency comforting?


You don’t even have to get down about the love thing (if you’re single) as long as you have people to dance with. My housemates and I (sort of) crashed a wedding recently. Shelby (one of the girls) is dating Aaron who was the best man, and they invited the rest of us to the reception (post-dinner. We didn’t know them, after all).

Give me an evening where I can dress up and boogie, and I’m a happy girl. Plus, they served fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. It’s like someone wanted to throw a party with all my favorite things.

The only potentially awkward moment came when the bride and groom did the traditional “dollar dance.” (It’s not as scandalous as it sounds, if you’re unfamiliar. In an attempt to make a little extra cash for their future together, everyone has to pay a dollar or more to dance with the bride or groom for a song or two.)

The awkwardness comes in when you have to explain to the groom why you’re even at his wedding. I know what you’re thinking: Why did I even take part in the dance if I knew it could be weird? Long story short, Emma’s boyfriend talked a big game about how he was going to do the dance, then chickened out, and I had to show him up. Spoiler alert: I did. After calling him a coward, he danced with a stranger. Mission accomplished.

Of course, I couldn’t just trash talk. So I danced with the groom. Fortunately, I’m a master at small talk. Turns out we went to the same high school and had the same major. Score. It also gave me the idea to share some of my masterful small-talking skills. Here are a few sure-fire winners:

1. Location, location, location. “Where are you from?” or “Have you always lived around here?” are open-ended questions that you can always build on. Even if they’re from somewhere you’ve never been, you can ask them to tell you what it’s like. That’s sure to get you through a dance.

2. Take them to school. Find out their major (or job) and ask how they got into that. Ideally, it will be something they’re interested in, so they’ll want to talk about it. Or at least they’ll have an opinion to share.

3. Stall. I know that there’s always a chance you’ll end up with a total dud who will contribute nothing to the conversation. In which case it’s ok to fall back on empty compliments or idle chit-chat about the weather or random objects around you. (“So, where are those gorgeous flower arrangements from? How much did you love that cake?!” Etc.)

Above all else, keep the energy up. If you sound interested, no one will notice that you’re not really talking about anything. Mazal tov!


Today marks the last day of classes I may ever have to take.*

I am currently one class and two final presentations and a couple posts away from life after college. And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Commence countdown to commencement. (See what I did there?)


*The only reason why this would not be true would be if I decide to become a professor and have to get my Masters. But for now, that’s the distant future. Let’s try and live in the moment, shall we?

I take back everything I said about winter.

Today was a balmy fifty degrees, and I can hold no grudge against anyone. I drove with the windows DOWN. I didn’t wear my coat INSIDE. (I do this to get slightly overheated before going outside. That way, the bone-chilling cold feels merely refreshing. For about thirty seconds.) I wore a SKIRT sans TIGHTS. (A mistake, actually. I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs.)


The point is, the feud is off. I’m spreading my lightly clad arms in love and acceptance. Provided winter remains at an agreeable temperature. Sounds fair, right?

Also, tomorrow is the dreaded surgery. My goal is to write a blog post whilst under the influence of anesthetic. We’ll see if I remember. I might get distracted by the pudding my wonderful friend Annie bought for me. Anything is possible in this crazy world where winter and I get along.

ALSO, turned in my capstone application today. My interview will either be next Tuesday or Thursday, so I only have a week to sweat whether or not I got the position I want. Here’s hoping!

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, meaning I’ll have officially survived another year. 2008 has been a big one for me, so I decided to write up a little summary for posterity. Here’s where I’m at as I ring in the new year:

Age: 21

Location: Midwest…still.

Status: Single, but for the first time with hopeful prospects.

Occupation: Magazine intern for custom publications (Publix grocery stores, Century 21)

Favorite food: Caterpillar Roll

Music I like right now: The Ting Tings, Cobra Starship, Beyonce AND Britney’s new albums, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon (to name a few)

TV shows I watch: The Office, The Hills, The City (don’t judge me), What Not To Wear, Biggest Loser

Favorite colors: yellow and green

Book I’m reading: I just finished Into the Woods, and now I’m staring reluctantly at a copy of Twilight Susan gave me. The horror…

Favorite magazine: GQ, Details, New York Mag, Wired, Glamour

Goals for next year: Graduate, move to New York, get a job at Conde Nast, and, if there’s time, find a nice boy. But no pressure.

Overall opinion of my life: I like who I am, and I like where I’m going. I’m very happy.