I’m officially giving up on the idea that I’m original. Every time I hang out with someone new, they invariably turn to our mutual friend and say, “Doesn’t she remind you of Janet?” or “Isn’t she just like Allison?”

To be fair, I’m fairly average in most ways. Average height, average size, brown hair, etc., etc. But I still liked to fancy myself as SOME sort of stand-out. As is, I guess I just have to be happy that most people are comparing me to someone they like.

This was all too true last night, when I met my best friend Annie’s new boyfriend. We’d been hanging out for an hour or so when he just couldn’t contain himself. “She looks so much like _____!” I, of course, was unsurprised that I reminded him of someone, but to her credit, Annie gave him a look until he backed down. “Ok, she’s better looking than her, but still!” As he insisted and Annie kept discretely shaking her head to me, I tried to overlook the fact that he was essentially telling me I’d “been done before.”

If not less attractively.


Tomorrow is my consultation appointment for getting my wisdom teeth out. Apparently important things will discussed including the following:

1. Do I want to have general anesthesia or be knocked out completely? (Um, duh. Knock me the hell out.)

2. When would I like to have my face operated on? (Never is not an option.)

3. …? (I actually have no idea what else will be discussed.

I keep reminding myself that I have a bunch of friends and family who have survived oral surgery without anything horrible happening to them. So I should be fine. I will be fine. I just need to keep saying it.

To anyone wondering what a good post-op gift would be, think mango sorbet. Any advice out there for a girl about to put her gums under the knife?


Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, meaning I’ll have officially survived another year. 2008 has been a big one for me, so I decided to write up a little summary for posterity. Here’s where I’m at as I ring in the new year:

Age: 21

Location: Midwest…still.

Status: Single, but for the first time with hopeful prospects.

Occupation: Magazine intern for custom publications (Publix grocery stores, Century 21)

Favorite food: Caterpillar Roll

Music I like right now: The Ting Tings, Cobra Starship, Beyonce AND Britney’s new albums, Taylor Swift, Kings of Leon (to name a few)

TV shows I watch: The Office, The Hills, The City (don’t judge me), What Not To Wear, Biggest Loser

Favorite colors: yellow and green

Book I’m reading: I just finished Into the Woods, and now I’m staring reluctantly at a copy of Twilight Susan gave me. The horror…

Favorite magazine: GQ, Details, New York Mag, Wired, Glamour

Goals for next year: Graduate, move to New York, get a job at Conde Nast, and, if there’s time, find a nice boy. But no pressure.

Overall opinion of my life: I like who I am, and I like where I’m going. I’m very happy.

I just got back from Colorado, and after spending over 18 hours in the car, I’ve come to a conclusion: Driving in the Midwest is mind-numbingly dull. I don’t like to just whine about problems without offering a solution, however, so I’ve come up with a handy list of ways to entertain oneself when trapped in a moving vehicle (even if you’re the driver). They are as follows:

images1. Books on tape. Think about it. You’ve been meaning to read War & Peace anyway, right? Here’s your perfect opportunity. You can even get them free from your library, or hit up Cracker Barrel. You have to pay for them, but you get most of it back if you return them. Trust me, it’s worth it–the time flies.

images-112. Radio Karaoke Contest: This is simple, hilarious, and great for entertaining groups. It’s like that awful game show, “Do you know the words of this song” or whatever it was called. Choose an order you’ll all perform in, then each person has to lip-sync (or sing, if you’re so inclined) whatever song comes up on their turn. Whoever does the best wins a soda at the next rest stop. (Sidenote: Don’t stare at the word “karaoke” for too long. It starts to look¬† like a fake word if you do. Especially if you’re trying to figure out if you spelled it right.)

s34002698_30806349_47413. Photo Adventure: Even if your camera was stolen, you can still have great success with this game if you can get your hands on a nifty disposable camera. You can either turn it into a scavenger hunt (each person gets a list of things they need to get a photo of along the way; the winner gets shotgun on the way home) or you can break up the trip by stopping at bizarre tourist traps and scenic spots for a brief photo shoot (think World’s Largest Ant Farm or a pretty lake.)

Of course, there are always classic car games (Slug Bug, The License Plate Game, etc.), so feel free to get creative with those. Happy trails!

Even though it seems like I’ve done nothing but lay around today watching Made/It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia/Million Dollar Baby (I have eclectic tastes), I actually got a lot accomplished. Here’s a quick play-by-play of how I spent December 25th:

1. Made a nutritious breakfast.

2. Dyed my hair.

3. Did laundry.

4. Cleaned bathroom/kitchen, including bleaching the disgustingly stained grout on the kitchen table.

5. Packed for my trip to Colorado tomorrow.

So see? Even though I spent the better part of the afternoon/evening lounging, I was not lazy today. Now I should probably rest up for my 12-hour car ride with the parents tomorrow. Joy.

Here are things that bother me:


1. My camera is still stolen. I was trying to be optimistic about this (someone probably took it by ACCIDENT!), but with each passing day, it becomes clearer and clearer that my beautiful baby camera has been abducted, and I just need to accept it and move on. But rest assured, my lovely Powershot, you will be avenged!

2. It snowed again. You know what 07-car-buried-in-snowI’m really happy about? I’m so happy that it snowed four inches last night. I’m just thrilled that I paid $20 for about seven hours of clear driveway. I’m simply ecstatic that I had to dig my car out AGAIN using only the brush side of my heavy-duty ice scraper. Seriously, it rules.

You may have won the battle, Winter, but you will never win the war.

no-money-23. I’m poor. Ok, ok, I KNOW. EVERYONE is poor. But it’s another thing that annoys me, so it goes on the list. It would just be great if the stock market could go back up, ok? And this isn’t just me being selfish–I’m thinking of everyone. Is there anyone who would be hurt by the stock market recovering? No. So this is me thinking of everyone, got it?

4. I don’t own this: aaaeihmjiinoaagi(http://www.pinkmascara.com/pinkmascara/product.asp?dept_id=3289&pf_id=AAAEIHMJIINOAAGI&ad_id=froogle&key_id=FreelookRoseGoldWatch.) Ok, THAT’S me being selfish.

I think that’s enough blogging at work. Safe travels to everyone braving the snow! Remember, when you’re sliding on the ice, don’t break and don’t overcorrect!