I try not to bring you into my emotional innerworkings (trust me, you don’t want in) except in the cases of extreme annoyance, but right now the only thing I can think about is my impending application for a position on my magazine capstone.
I’m in college (did I tell you that?), and it’s my senior year, so naturally it’s time to take that class that will serve as a culmination of everything I’ve spent the last four years learning. At my school, it’s called Magazine Practicum, but basically all the seniors (mag and news/internet majors) join forces to create a magazine. In the fall it’s a lifestyle publication, but in the spring it’s newsier.

In order to give the staff as realistic a feel as possible, we have to apply for positions and be interviewed by media professionals in our area. Nerve-wracking if you tend to stutter when you’re nervous (guilty) or hate writing cover letters (no one should EVER put that much pressure on a single page).

I finished my cover letter this morning, so now all I have to do is package it up with my resume and a few clips into a lovely, professional-looking package. The whole shebang is due Thursday with interviews next week.

I’m shooting for executive producer of online, essentially the EIC of the online version of the publication. I think I would be really good at this; I’m a good manager, I have good ideas… I’m just worried that because I’ve held leadership positions in the past, they’ll want to spread the opportunities around and pass me up. Either way, though, it will be a fun experience. I love the professor, and most of the other kids seem cool. So anyway, think positive, professional, eloquent thoughts for me next Tuesday!

Also, face surgery, T-minus 1.5 days.

So besides shooting out ramblings in a blog no one reads, I also contribute to an online magazine called Too Shy To Stop. I decided to cross-promote myself. You can read my latest post about why we love trashy TV in a recession here. Thanks for reading!

In honor of my last first day of school, I’ve constructed this little list of folks you’re likely to stumble into (hopefully not literally) on your first day. Everyone ready to have their name mispronounced in role call? Ok! Pencils down and let’s review:

friendly1. The Girl Who is Determined to Make Friends: You’ll know her. She’s the one who talks to you like the two of you go way back, even if you literally just met and don’t even know her name. She speaks in broad generalities that–at least as implied by her tone–cannot be questioned. Example: You say, “I’ve heard this professor is kinda crazy!” She says, “A crazy teacher is so much better than a boring one, am I right???” You say, “Oh…”

slouching2. The Guy Who is Only There Because He Needs the Credit: You can spot this one by his posture alone. Generally you’ll only see him from the chest up (except when he schlumps into class just before or after the starting time) because his spine has devolved to a permanent slouch. You probably won’t hear him speak after he says “here” after attendance. (The hardcore GWIOTBHNTCs won’t even speak then; a simple tossing up of the hand is all you’ll get for reassurance that he is, in fact, not dead or made of wax.)

a3. The Girl Who is GOING TO GET AN A: This girl takes notes when the professor covers the syllabus. She’s not even sure what class she’s in; she signed up the second she saw the word “Honors” in the title. The teacher knows her on sight, and Girl will probably hang out after class to catch up on what he or she has been doing over break. On the upside, GWIGTGAA is great when you’re sleepy or just not up to contributing because she can answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION. (Disclaimer: Sometimes I am this girl. But I try not to be obnoxious about it.)

images-14. Cocky Freshman in Upper Level Classes: Whether he’s determined to make friends or just so gosh darn excited to be away from high school and parents, you can spot these by their forced swagger and shallow attempts to chat you up. Be nice, they’re only babies after all. The only time you have the right to serve him a come-uppance is if he gets too clever for his own good. Or starts interrupting everyone because HE got an “A” in AP English, so HE KNOWS WHAT HE’S TALKING ABOUT.

That’s all for now; see you next class!

There’s a reason why I’m sporting Pete Wentz bangs: I’m growing out my hair.


Don’t panic, we’re not talking the shaggy, yeti-inspired ‘do I once rocked (hair to the middle of the back); I’m just looking to get it a bit below the shoulders, then proceed from there.

But wouldn’t you know it, growing your hair takes FOREVER. So I looked up some ways to make it grow faster. Because I’m a girl with STUFF to do. Here’s what I found.

protein1. Eat a lot of protein. Hair is made up of dead protein cells, right? So this seems to make sense. Sidenote: I once had a teacher whose leg hair stopped growing when she was pregnant because the baby was greedily stealing all her protein. So she had to start eating a spoonful of peanut butter everyday, and magically her hair started growing again. So peanut butter, anyone?

massage2. Head massaging. Apparently this will stimulate blood flow to your hair follicles, and this will make them work harder/more efficiently. Not to mention the fact that head massages rule. No complaints yet.

clock 3. Wait…patiently. Oh…yeah, I don’t do that. Fortunately, my hair grows pretty quickly.

scissorsThere is a bit of a debate about whether or not trimming split ends is beneficial for longer hair also. In the trimming camp, the word is that if you trim off the dead or broken ends, your hair will grow stronger and not keep breaking. But the “leave ’em be” camp says you should just let it grow and keep your grubby, scissor-flicking fingers off of it so it can do its thing. I think I’ll just trim my own split ends and let everything grow for the most part.


Ok, I know, the headline is too cute for its own good and doesn’t actually mean anything. But I’m having a rough day, so just let me have this one little thing, all right?

The point is, it’s official. The wisdom teeth will come out next Friday, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I’m trying to be positive, though, so here is my list of pros:

1. It has to be done sooner or later, and if I do it now it’s on my parents’ insurance.

2. I will be totally knocked out through the whole thing.

3. My family will have to be nice to me while my face heals.

4. I will be unconscious for the whole procedure, and heavily drugged the following day.

5. Usually people lose weight?

6. I won’t remember anything about the operation.

So I’m really jazzed about this anesthesia stuff, huh? Anyway, think of me fondly on the 23rd. If I don’t make it, remember me as charming and witty, k?

Ok, I KNOW I already posted today. I promise I’m not just obsessed with logging my thoughts in cyber space–I can’t sleep. So in the spirit of turning my suffering into something positive, I’ve compiled a list of ways to entertain oneself whilst trying to doze off, no sheep required:

1. Google yourself. Sure, it SOUNDS self-centered, (probably because it is…a little), but it also serves a very practical purpose: You should know what the Internet says about you before your future employer does. To guarantee that you’re still hire-able, it’s a good idea to check it out now and then.

2. Twitter’s “Everyone” feature. Ok, I was originally a critic of Twitter and tweeting and whatnot, but I have to admit, it’s kind of cool to be a part of something much bigger than yourself. Even if you’re just creeping on people’s 160-character posts from around the world at 2 in the morning. If you find anyone especially funny, you can follow them for ’round the clock entertainment. (Incidentally, you can follow me at https://twitter.com/justinelorelle.)

3. Write it out. Usually the reason why I can’t sleep is because I have a million thoughts bouncing around in my head. (And sometimes it’s because I drink a bowl of coffee a couple hours before bed. Get off my back.) The only way I can get my brain to shut up is either by making extensive lists of all the things I need to do or by writing a letter to whomever I can’t stop “conversing” with mentally. (Not crazy, I swear.) Letters you never send can be incredibly therapeutic.

I don’t know why I keep making lists of three….great. Yet another thought to keep me up…